Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey everyone!

How is everyone doing? This last week wasn’t anything too different. I went on three exchanges, so I basically didn't see Elder Stucki last week. It was pretty good to finally get some good work done in our area though. We found some pretty good potentials so hopefully this week they will turn into new investigators! Cross your fingers! :) I did get to go on exchanges in Van Nuys though. It's always crazy there. That's where amazing things happen! We found a new investigator in their area. It was pretty interesting, so just note that there is a ton of wickedness in Van Nuys. We were talking to him and he was talking about how his parents died a year ago, so we asked him if we could teach him the plan of salvation. He went to go get another chair. The Elder I was with and I look down and there is a porn magazine on his desk, it was like, oh here we go. We got rid of that though and taught him the plan of salvation. We focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we told him to make it to the celestial kingdom you have to follow these things; do you believe in Christ? He was like yeah. Then I asked are you willing to repent? He said yes, so okay next step is baptism. Are you willing to be baptized? He said yes. It was cool. The companionship set a date with him last weekend. It was great. Hopefully those potentials turn into new investigators in our area this week and it’ll be AWESOME!. Love you all.

Love Elder Larman

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