Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey everyone!

It has been a very long time. We finally kind of have a Preparation day today. Well, a normal one for us anyway. So a lot has happened in the last 3-4 weeks. I'll try to sum it up pretty short though. On May 4th we had a special stake conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the quorum of the twelve apostles. It was sick! He came up and shook our hands and talked to us for a bit. Then he noticed our investigator and talked to her for a bit as well. It was so awesome! Our investigator that met him is Rebecca Adler. She is doing really well. She wants to get baptized is super solid, but she just got pretty sick. She has a heart problem. Hopefully, she gets better so we can continue to teach her and help her to baptism. We had a lot of zone conferences the last few weeks of the transfer. We are working really hard on teaching simply. We are teaching a generation that hears with their eyes and thinks with their hearts. We are using a lot of pictures to understand, what they understand is then teaching to their understanding. It's harder than it sounds. We talk a lot less now while teaching. Well, overall we are doing great, and all is going well.

Love you all!!!

Elder Larman


I forgot to tell you, I got in a fight with a baby rattle snake. It was crazy! I almost died! I didn't even see it and I stepped right over it! I almost died!!!!! It was crazy. I'll tell you more details when I get home so mom doesn't die. 

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