Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hey Everyone!

We have two baptismal dates that are solid. Brother Swansbro is good to go my last Sunday in the mission, and we have a pretty solid date, then Steve, whose date is in October. Mission life: free food, everything falls through, you have no idea what’s going on, but you are always in the right place at the right time. It's funny how that works. Here are some of our experiences the last week and a half or so. There was this one day that we had an appointment with a less active member. It fell through, but there was a chicken running around the street,  we went back to the car quick to get our cameras and took a picture of it. We were just about to leave and this car pulled up. It was members from Texas. They needed help moving some stuff so we were able to help them.
Then we were in this apartment complex. We have this old potential investigator there her name is Daniel. We weren't even there to see her. We were just walking past her door and as we did, she opened it and we actually scared her, haha.  When she realized it was us though she was like oh guys I need some help. So we went in and fixed her computer then shared a message with her.
Then another one that happened, there was another old potential we have from like our second week in the area. We felt like we should stop by, so we did and she was on her way out the door. Her two year old nephew had just died. We left her with two plan of salvation pamphlets one for her and one for her brother. We followed up a couple days later and set up an appointment to teach them tonight! Can't wait! Love you all! 16 MORE DAYS TO GO!!!

Love, Elder Larman

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